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Kron ML

Cloud based backup and recovery SAAS product.

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Kron ML


Information Architecture, User Flows, UX / UI Design, Prototyping, Brand identity.


- Create an MVP for a multi cloud based backup and recovery solution.

- Design System.

- Brand identity: logo, color palettes, iconography, brand guidelines

Task at Hand:

- Kron ML wanted to bring about a paradigm shift in the way backup softwares are imagined and step away from the traditional approach which.    typically relied on tables to display information.

- Workshops with key stake holders to understanding from scratch not just the concepts associated with a backup and recovery software but also.    its nuances in order to create a product which could better address the problems of the end user.

Clean base UI with a very deliberate use of colors only for the various data points so they are the prime focus.
Created a side panel on the right which would provide contextual and relevant cues and information to the user.

Created a filtering mechanism unique to Kron ML. This filter would allow the user to sort and bucket data so that they could then be presented with only the required actionable data.

Create a unique color system that would allow for easy visual identification of the different states and types of data.
Provided instructions and usage guidelines on how to use the color system as well as the design system as a whole.  

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