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The Great Next

An online booking portal for adventure travel trips and activities.

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The Great Next

Information Architecture, wireframes, visual design, prototyping, iconography, brand identity.
  • Responsive online travel booking portal.
  • Brand identity: logo, color palattes, iconography, brand guidelines.

Task at hand
  • Redesign the website with a focus on SEO which would in turn result in higher organic sales for the company.
  • Reduce dropouts during the booking process on mobile and increase conversions.
  • In an already crowded space make the website and brand stand out amongst the competition.
Homepage designed with SEO in mind.

Multi-Select Search Engine which gives the user the flexibility to select multiple activities, destinations & dates.

Mobile screens
Brand Identitiy: In an already crowed space we created a distinctive brand identity for the website both
visually and functionally so that it could stand out from the rest of the competition.

Icongraphy as part of unique visual identity